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Notice of EGM – Mon 16th December

Classic fencing lungeFrom the Committee, Sway Fencing Club: an Extraordinary General Meeting will be held Monday 16th December, Brockenhurst Sports Centre at 8.15 until approx. 8.45, to discuss the future of the Club.

In spite of a hugely successful three seasons at Brockenhurst, the Club finds the challenging current season about to become more difficult with the further loss of key personnel.

It is with great sadness that Vicki Pritchard and Robin Catling have announced their withdrawal from the club with their impending move to Devon. This sudden loss of coaching and admin resource in an already depleted Club only adds to the need to make drastic changes in the way that the Club operates. Continue reading »

Southern Region
Hub Days 2014

Fencing classic lungeThe first three hub dates are now arranged for 2014, so book the dates and join us at St Gabriels in Newbury:

  • January 5th
  • February 23rd
  • March 23rd

January is our ‘competition’ themed day. Continue reading »

Sway Juniors Go Gold!

Sway U13 Gold medal epee team: Arnie Seal, Serena Hogg, Aaron CrickIn a day of high drama, Sway Fencing Club took it’s first team win from the Southern Region Age Groups.

While the U16 Epee team of Jacob Crick, Will Prendergast and David Pugh were narrowly edged out of the medals in fourth, last year’s silver medallists Aaron Crick, Serena Hogg and Arnie Seal went one better in the U13 relay to take the title. Continue reading »

Sabre Coaching Day Sun. 18th Aug

Sabre fencing dayAs part of our ongoing sabre course for the club coaches, we have an extra training day at Lymington HLC (Priestlands campus) from 10-4.30ish on Sunday 18th Aug.

We would appreciate some some sabreurs to practice on, so if you would like a day’s back-to-basics coaching, please join us for the grand sum of £5 to cover the venue and Alan Knowles’ time. Continue reading Sabre Coaching Day Sun. 18th Aug

Sway Medals at Hampshire Open

[Photo: Dawn Townsend and Victoria Pritchard at the Hempshire Open. Photo by Robin CatlingThis year’s Hampshire Open Fencing competition, held over two days at the magnificent modernist Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth, saw New Forest Fencers at all levels of competition in what was a demanding but friendly event.

In the Women’s events, Sway’s Dawn Townsend fought the double of Senior Foil and Veterans Foil, while  Victoria Pritchard made her first foray outside County and Regional events to her first Open, at which a large field of National and International competitors presented her biggest challenge to date. Continue reading Sway Medals at Hampshire Open

Weapons: Sabre

The sabre can score by hitting with the edge as well as the point. Target area for sabre is the body above the hips, including the arms and head. The blade of the sabre can be up to 88 cm long, and is usually lighter than a foil blade. The handguard is much larger than a foil’s, and curves back over the knuckles to end of the handle. As with foil, right-of-way rules determine who scores if both fencers are hit. Off target hits in sabre are ignored and do not stop the action.

Target area: for Sabre, as a former cavalry weapon – everything above the waist (shown in red)