Annual Membership

  • All fencers annual membership: £10 p.a.

Term Fees

  • Juniors: £39 per term (£3.00×13-week term)
  • Adults:  £56 per term (£4.00×14-week term)

Session fees levied per term equivalent to:

  • Juniors:   £3.00 /week for standard 13-week term (£39)
  • Adults   £4.00 /week for standard 14-week term (£56)

Payment will fall due on the first week of each term, commencing 20th April 2009.

Non-member and Visitors’ Fees
For non-members, separate visitors fees will be:

  • Juniors:    £4.50 /session
  • Adults:    £5.50 /session

In running a more formal membership structure, the Club will be issuing a membership pack to each paid-up member (below).

Please bear in mind that Sway Fencing Club is run as a non-profit, amateur club and is reliant on the efforts of volunteer organisers and coaches.

Please address any questions to the Club Secretary.

e-mail: swayfencing@gmail.com

Club Members’ Pack

The members’ pack contains:

  • Membership confirmation slip
  • Club Constitution Members’ Handbook
  • Booklet: What is Fencing?
  • Fencing Equipment Guide
  • Club badge
  • Regional Fixture List
  • Offers on club clothing, books

Fencing in the New Forest

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