Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting 16-12-13

fencing_lunge_croppedHeld Monday 16th December, Brockenhurst Sports Centre
The Chairman opened the meeting at 8.15.

In discussion of the following statement outlined by the Secretary:

In spite of a hugely successful three seasons at Brockenhurst, the club finds the challenging current season about to become more difficult with the further loss of key personnel.

It is with great sadness that Vicki Pritchard and Robin Catling have announced their withdrawal from the club with their impending move to Devon. This sudden loss of coaching and admin resource in an already depleted club only adds to the need to make drastic changes in the way that the club operates.

On which note, attendance at the seniors session is at an all-time low, owing to the personal circumstances of the majority of the adult membership, and we have little sign of new members coming in to refill the ranks. This is clearly untenable.

We have attempted to find additional coaches from outside the New Forest, but so far have been unable to find any able to commit on a full time basis. There is also the on-going lack of volunteer resource to fill the administrative roles, as evidenced by the previous three AGMs, given that the club does not run without considerable effort.

So it falls to an EGM of the membership to consider the following motions:

  • Closure of the Seniors Section
  • That the Juniors Section relocate to Lymington Fencing Club (Priestlands School, Lymington) Tuesdays
  • That Brockenhurst College be vacated as a venue
  • That a new joint committee be formed to decide the formal merger of the two clubs.

Given the joint efforts of Sway and Lymington coaches working in both clubs and the welcome extended by Lymington Fencing to Sway fencers, a joint venture is seen as a positive way forward for fencing in the New Forest. The remaining Sway coaches have already committed to supporting the joint venture.
It is not recommended that Sway Fencing Club be entirely dissolved at this time for financial and sponsorship reasons.

Sarah Murray from Lymington Fencing Club introduced herself and LWFC in support of the above motions.

The above motions were put to the vote and carried, there being no objections.

The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to former Chairman Mick Hayman and current Secretary Robin Catling in recognition of their efforts in running and developing the Club. This was passed.

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.28.

A copy of these minutes may be downloaded as a PDF document from the Club website.

Apologies for absence received from Katherine Belbin (Treasurer), Dawn Townsend.


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