Fencing Jumble

Foil, Sabre and EpeeVarious second-hand kit has come our way if you would like to pick up a bargain or two.

There is a mix of Leon Paul and Sword Price Fighters clothing and weapons, the majority in A1 condition. Full list below.

Please contact the Secretary at the club on Mondays or via info@swayfencing.co.uk

SPF Jacket, R-H, jnr40, £30
SPF Jacket, jnr 36, £25
SPF plastron, R-H, jnr 32, £12
SPF plastron, R-H, jnr med, £12
SPF Breeches, jnr 44, £12

SPF glove, R-H, jnr XS, £8

SPF Mask, med, £22
SPF Mask, med, £22

Chest protector, girls, XS, £8

Fencing socks, white, med, £3

Foil body wire, 2-pin, £5
Foil body wire, 2-pin, £5
Tether wire, £2
Epee wire, £5

Epee, R-H, size 2, £20
Epee, R-H, size 5, £20

Electric foil, R-H, size 3, £20
Electric foil, R-H, size 3, £20

SPF single weapon bag, blue £4
SPF single weapon bag £4

LP Breeches, 350N, medium £6
LP Plastron, 350N, medium, £5

LP Mask, 350N, black £14
LP Mask, 350N, green, £14

LP Glove, R-H 8, £5


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