Sabre Coaching
Day Sun. 18th Aug

Sabre fencing dayAs part of our ongoing sabre course for the club coaches, we have an extra training day at Lymington HLC (Priestlands campus) from 10-4.30ish on Sunday 18th Aug.

We would appreciate some some sabreurs to practice on, so if you would like a day’s back-to-basics coaching, please join us for the grand sum of £5 to cover the venue and Alan Knowles’ time. Continue reading »

Medieval Combat Day
Sat 17th Aug UPDATE

Knights By: Staff Sgt. Nate Hauser [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The long-awaited Medieval combat day is now at LYMINGTON on Sat 17th August

We will be at the Leisure Centre from 10am til 4.30 ish.

We have to pay for the venue and Alan’s instruction, so this will be £20 for the day.
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