Members’ Bulletin March 2013

Fencing saluteThe latest Members’ Bulletin is available as a PDF document on the link below:

  • Parents’ “Have-a-go” evening – taster session: Monday 25th March!
  • Purchasing Fencing Kit
  • Plastic Fencing for Schools
  • BFA Grade Scheme
  • Club Awards
  • Visiting Coach Masterclass
  • Armoury Workshops
  • Social Events: Summer BBQ

Members Bulletin March 2013Members Bulletin March 2013

Please do not forget we have

  • Southern Region Epee and Sabre competitions coming up at Reading on March 10th.
  • The Hampshire Senior Epee and Team Epee will be at Ringwood on March 17th.

Training Day
The Southern Region Hub training day is at Newbury on March 24th. Details from Robin or via the club web-site.

Parents’ “Have-a-go” evening
We are considering a taster session to run alongside a Juniors session, so that any parents wishing to try fencing can do so. If you would be interested in giving it a try while you are waiting during the Monday ‘taxi run’ please add your name to the sign-up sheet.

The parents taster session will be in the last week before the Easter holidays; Monday 25th March

Purchasing Fencing Kit
Given the increased use of the club kit for competition and other sessions, we are recommending all members consider purchasing their own fencing kit.

This is not only far more hygienic in the long run but means a more comfortable time at fencing using you own personal kit. It will also reduce the wear and tear on the Club kit.

We are reviewing the use of the club kit and we may have to levy an equipment charge in future for long-term members without their own kit.

If you would like to purchase kit, an updated guide is available from the club website under Essential Equipment Guide and club discounts are available.

Plastic Fencing for Schools
We now have a set of the safe, lightweight plastic fencing kit which is suitable for younger fencers and school PE sessions. If you think your children’s school would be interested in starting fencing using the plastic kit, please contact Robin or Clive and provide some contact details.

We may be able to put on some Taster Sessions using the plastic kit outside school time (Saturdays).

BFA Grade Scheme
We will be re-launching the Grade scheme this season, whereby members may be assessed against the official British Fencing syllabus for each weapon to receive certificates and badges.

The assessment and certificate will cost £2. An embroidered cloth badge for the grade costs £3.50.

The full syllabus for BFA grades can be found on-line:

Those on Beginners’ courses are assessed at Grade One for Foil. If anyone  has not received their certificate after completing the Beginners’ course (and we have missed some) please contact Robin.

Club Awards
This season we will be inaugurating Club Awards for most improved fencer:

  • The Stocks Award for Most Improved Junior
  • The President’s Award for Most Improved Adult.

We have a perpetual trophy for each award and will be giving smaller trophies for winners to keep. Awards will be presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June.

Visiting Coach Masterclass
After the success of our first masterclass in December, we will be inviting Alan Knowles back after Easter to run another. We will have to levy a small additional charge to pay Alan’s expenses; A sign-up sheet will be circulated soon when the date is confirmed.

Armoury Workshops
Following a successful armoury session by BC for Lymington club on maintaining and trouble-shooting electric sabre, Ben and Robin will be running armoury sessions for all three weapons in the change-over slot 8.00-8.30 in the club sessions after Easter.

These will be open to fencers and parents and we will put together some practical demonstrations and some brief notes to take away.

Social Events: Summer BBQ
Looking ahead to better weather, it is proposed we hold a Summer Barbeque open to all members and families if a suitable venue can be found (an indoor option would be essential)
If you can suggest a suitable venue for 40-60 people for a Saturday or Sunday from late June into July and would be prepared to help out organising the event, please contact Club Secretary Robin Catling.


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