New Forest Novices 2012 Results

New Forest Novices 2012Beginner fencers were given the chance to try their hand at competing in the New Forest Novices competition, held at Hordle Walhampton School on Sunday, 16th September.

The results are tabled at the bottom of this page.

Hosted by Sway and Lymington-Walhampton Fencing clubs, the event was organised as a first-time competitive outing for most of the entrants. Foil, epée and sabre events were open for seniors and juniors. Entrants came from the host clubs, Bournemouth, the Isle of Wight and local schools including Ballard, Priestlands, St Anne’s and Hordle Walhampton,

Competitive fencing against unknown opponents is a very different experience from regular club bouts, a test of technique, tactics, and lightning reactions. In foil, Will Prendergast (Sway) took gold in the junior event, James Bryden (Espada) in second and Arnie Seal (Sway) in third. After a dynamic final, Harry Mowle (West Wight) secured first place in the senior foil, with the silver medal taken by Niall Cearns (Lymington Walhampton), and the bronze by Hazel Meckler (West Wight).

Sway made a clean sweep of the medals in the junior epée, as Will Prendergast took his second gold medal of the day, followed by Arnie Seal in second place, and Jack Gale in third. In the senior epee, Harry Mowle took the top spot, with David Baker (Sway) winning silver and Mark Tilbury (Sway) winning the bronze, in his first ever attempt at epée.

The junior sabre was held as a steam event (without electrics) which requires four line judges and a referee to preside. After an exciting clash of blades, Jack Lomax (Sway) won the gold, narrowly beating Alex Davies (Sway) who took silver. Daniel Iles won the bronze. The energetic senior sabre finished with first place going to Johnnie Eaves (Lymington Walhampton), second to Garreth Read (Priestlands) and third to Asher White.

The modest entry fees were designed to encourage as many novices to take part as possible, supported by a grant from Solent University, funds from Sway and Lymington Walhampton Fencing Club and kind permission from Hordle Walhampton School to use their fine sports hall.

Thanks also go to senior referees, Clive Turner, Nick Stewart, Marilyn Wheelband, and the organisers Robin Catling and Sarah Murray, for what is hoped will become an annual event.

Junior Foil
1 – Will Prendergast (Sway)
2 – James Bryden (Espada)
3 – Arnie Seal (Sway)

Senior Foil
1 – Harry Mowle (West Wight)
2 – Niall Cearns (Lymington Walhampton)
3 – Hazel Meckler (West Wight).

Junior Epée
1 – Will Prendergast (Sway)
2 – Arnie Seal (Sway)
3 – Jack Gale (Sway)

Senior Epée
1 – Harry Mowle (West Wight)
2 – David Baker (Sway)
3 – Mark Tilbury (Sway)

Junior Sabre
1 – Jack Lomax (Sway)
2 – Alex Davies (Sway)
3 – Daniel Iles

Senior sabre
1 – Johnnie Eaves (Lymington Walhampton)
2 – Garreth Read (Priestlands)
3 – Asher White.


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