Fencing Prowess Wows the Pageant

Ben Corbridge with our youngest sword masters, New Milton Pageant of SportFencing was among the most popular sports at the New Milton Pageant on Saturday, 21st July.

With a constant stream of children and adults throughout the day, the five coaches inspired newcomers to sign up for the club’s beginner courses with taster sessions in foil fencing. After a run-through of basic footwork, lunging, hitting and parrying, beginners were free to test their skills against each other in regulated bouts.

Robin Catling imparts new skills to the Army Training Corps, New Milton Pageant of SportThe Club’s 45-minute display in the indoor arena drew a crowd, with four thrilling bouts of foil and épée in full electric kit, rounded off with an energetic clash of sabres.

The coaches also outlined the development of sports fencing weapons, showing spectators examples of duelling rapiers.

Dave Muir and Quentin Stokes in a modern epee duel, New Milton Pageant of SportDemonstration fencing lessons with two of the club’s junior members, William and
Emily Prendergast, showed just how fencing skills are acquired.

Anyone keen to take up fencing can book on one of the club’s six-week beginner courses starting in September at Brockenhurst College  (Mondays), Applemore Health and Leisure (Wednesdays) and Ringwood Health and Leisure (Saturdays). Contact Robin Catling on 01590 683837 or info@swayfencing.co.uk for more details.

(Article also appeared in the Lymington Times 28th July, 2012)


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