Sway Fencing on BBC South Today

Sway Fencing Club on South TodayWe’ve been on the telly!

To aid Beazley’s sponsorship of Hillier Garden Centres exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show, Sway Fencing Club went to Hillier’s head office and nurseries at Ampfield for some filming and photographs.

We got some excellent coverage; Doug the camera man did us proud; BBC South presenter Laura Trant came over and was full of enthusiasm for the project. The final edit made me look more intelligent than I was on the day (broke every rule on delivery to camera! Doh!) and they got the club name right in the caption. Team leader Pip Bensley from Hilliers was brilliant and really sold the whole story on camera.

I have created a public gallery of screenshots taken from the broadcast: https://picasaweb.google.com/115807811974264915541/SouthTodayHilliers#

The piece went out on South Today on Wednesday 16th May.

Thanks to the lovely folks at Hilliers. Special thanks to Gill Mayo for the hospitality. RC


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