British Fencing – London 2012 Tickets – OFFER NOW OPEN

British Fencing are happy to announce the availability of more than 3,000 tickets in all price classifications to be made available to members for London 2012 Fencing events.

Tickets will be distributed by ballot, allowing all members with full adult or U20 membership effective 15th February 2012 to apply in the first round of ticketing, and other members to apply in any remaining rounds of ticketing.

Additional tickets will be available for British Fencing volunteers, staff, athletes, guests, sponsors and working staff at the Olympic venue.

Members should register their interest by going to  providing your name and BF membership number and selecting the event and number of tickets that you wish to apply for. You may apply for as many events as you wish up to two tickets, but you can only select one event per application, and can only apply one time per event.

Applications will be accepted between 15th February 2012 through 15th March 2012. Notification will be made by the 1st April 2012 and tickets must be paid for in full no later than the 6th April 2012.

* The balloting system will operate as follows:

  • Members by ballot
    –  Must be full adult or U20 member effective 15th February 2012 to apply
    –  Must be full member on date of event
    –  Applications accepted up to two tickets per member
    –  Tickets sold at face value + shipping
    –  Successful applicants must pay the full amount for their tickets within a specified time period
  • Second round ballot
    –  In the event that tickets remain after the first round of ticketing, all BF members may then apply for up to two tickets per member
    –  The same rules will apply
  • Overflow tickets
    – In the event that not all tickets, including volunteer, staff, athlete, sponsor, guest and working staff tickets are utilized, those tickets will be made available on or near the event date
    – Interested members will be able to subscribe to an email list that will give daily updates on last-minute ticket availability
    – Tickets must be paid for on successful application
  • Volunteer tickets
    – Volunteers who give their time during the year to British Fencing will be able to apply through their appropriate committee structure on a ticket available basis

In order to apply you must be a full member as of 15th February 2012!



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