Southern Region Census

Two fencers mid-boutSouthern Region is asking everyone who has anything to do with the region to complete a club census and individual survey by the end of November so that we can produce a snap shot of what is going on in support of a grant application to help  develop coaches, referees, clubs and fencers.

The individual survey is at which we encourage all fencers to complete for us.

SRF will be using the base data for the future mailing list – if you do not want to be on it, you have the option to opt out, but please do the survey.

With all this information SRF will produce a document that will form the basis of an application for a grant to help with the development across the region.  If you have the time, take a look at the England website for details:

At the end we hope to produce something that shows a variety of statistics, such as;

  •   we have x number of child fencing x weapon
  •   we have x number of coaches covering x number of individual coaching sessions
  •   we have x numbers of fencers being worked with during the day and x in the evenings

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