Introduction to Safety

Fencing is a safe sport. Regulation equipment conforming to safety standards and common-sense fencing help to maintain our good safety record.

First, always wear a mask when fencing. Occasionally in a controlled lesson, the coach may dispense with the mask while demonstrating a particular point, but this is an exception. Unless the coach says otherwise, the rule is PLAY IT SAFE.

Safety Covers a number of aspects, not least the equipment that we use:

•  Safety First – our approach to safety.
•  Official Safety Guidelines from British Fencing
•  General Safety Rules from Sway Fencing Club
•  Safety: The Plastron
•  Safety: The Mask
•  Safety: The Jacket
•  Safety: The Glove
•  Safety: Breeches
•  Un-safe weapons, what to look for (coming soon)